SimpleVPN provides virtual private network (VPN) services from a variety of worldwide server locations. The service is offered at a budget monthly price and gives users access to all servers in all countries, no bandwidth limits and no minimum contractual period.

The Simplevpn service is available for Macs, PCs with Windows, Linux, iPhones, iPads and Android and is an easy download which is supported by a variety of useful guides provided on the company website. Users not wishing to download the complete VPN service can opt for the TV app downloads so they can access programmes from anywhere in the world. A SmartDNS Service is no offered so far.

Speed of the service will depend on the server chosen by the user, it’s always advisable to select the closest available servers for optimum speed levels. Servers are located in a variety of locations across Europe, United States, and Far East, with 20 server locations at May 2014. Simplevpn does not limit bandwidth at all, torrent downloads are allowed however users should ensure their server is not located in countries that are stringent about DCMA requirements. Torrent downloads are blocked from these server country locations.

SMTP mail sending on Port 25 is also blocked by the Simplevpn service due to the possibility that users may send out spam emails.

The company does offer troubleshooting via a FAQ link on the website and technical support is also available via email support tickets.

Users will find this an easy service to connect to, offering a renewable monthly contractual basic price and giving all the benefits associated with anonymous use of the internet.

Users in countries blocking certain websites will be able to log in via servers in remote locations and access the blocked sites from the server IP address. Where downloads or viewing of certain TV programmes, such as BBC iPlayer is blocked, in countries such as China or Saudi Arabia, the use of assures the availability of services.

Furthermore, ISP collect data on user activities online but when a user is connected via a virtual private network this detail is encrypted and unavailable for use by the ISP.

All in all, connecting via an easy service such as this allows users the freedom and anonymity intially guaranteed by the internet when it was first launched. No government surveillance is likely when using a VPN service and services usually keep no logs of user activities.

SimpleVPN has Servers in: USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Holland, Ireland, Egypt, Italy, France,Luxembourg,  Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Czech Republic,

Bittorrent / Filesharing is only allowed on Servers in: Malaysia, Holland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg

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